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TLN stands firmly behind the belief that the learning environment is significant in nurturing your child’s curiosity and perception of the world. That’s why our kindergarten is the best pre-primary school in Delhi Geeta Colony that has been thoughtfully created with the aim of shaping your child’s bright future

Friendly Environment

We provoke a home-like feeling that makes your child feel welcome and valued.

Experienced Teachers

Get ready to hand over your child’s education to highly experienced teachers equipped with a wealth of knowledge

Safe and Secure Environment

Our TLN presents as the best preschool Delhi also in terms of a vigilant and protective environment

Hygienic and Eco-friendly

Our TLN commits to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your child, aligning with our responsibility of teaching.

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In our Book A School Around, you will begin with a school tour, where you will get introduced to one of our team members and learn about a typical day at Delhi Play School. This golden time with our team members you will get all your queries solved.


If you decide to book a session with us after your school induction, you will be invited to book three settling-in sessions where in that process your child can spend some time in their new room during these sessions, and you can meet their teachers.

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    Our Playschool Programs

    Our play school programs cater to different age groups. These programs are specially crafted by experts to nurture learning capacities, boost children’s self-confidence, and enhance their social skills in the best preschool in Delhi.

    Play Group- Little Learners

    Kids start exploring right away. TLN playgroups let kids keep developing through play. Early experiences in the first years are key for learning when the brain grows fastest. The program teaches parents to help their child grow socially, emotionally, creatively, and physically by learning child development scientifically.

    Nursery & Prep- Smart Learners

    Going from preschool to primary school is a big change for kids and parents. At The Learning Nest, the curriculum helps make the transition to formal schooling smooth with meaningful learning that builds over time.

    Pre-Nursery-Bright Learners

    Good preschool education builds a strong foundation for child development. The Learning Nest’s pre-nursery curriculum gives experiences to help kids meet early learning goals. Pre-Nursery prepares kids for school by teaching reading, writing, counting, numbers, and problem-solving in fun, scientific ways. Kids share what they learn through drama, art, dance, etc.

    Accelerated Learning

    Easy transition to formal school


    Nurturing Safe Environment


    Hygienic And Eco-Friendly


    Fosters Imagination And Creativity


    CCTV And Safety Monitoring Systems



    Our Preschool Activities

    Our preschool activities nurture wonder and curiosity, creating a supportive environment in which children go on a journey of discovery. Our activities stimulate the imagination, foster creativity, and infuse a love of learning. We promote positive self-identity and idea development, while also working on practical skills such as problem-solving and independent discovery, that ultimately help in developing well-rounded, creative young minds.

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    At The Learning Nest!

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    FAQs On Playschool In Delhi

    The best age to start preschool at the best play school in East Delhi  Geeta Colony is typically around 2 to 3 years when they are ready to start making friends and taking advantage of early learning opportunities.

    Looking for the best pre-primary in Geeta Colony. The Learning Nest Preschool is the ideal with its unique qualities of child safety, eco-friendly environment, experienced staff, and child-focus approach TLN has become the finest pre-school Delhi. 

    Preschool and nursery are not the same. The Learning Nest can be your next best decision for your child’s growth.

    TLN is a highly rated and most loved best preschool in Delhi, Yes, children can benefit greatly from attending preschool Delhi. Children can socialize, gain crucial early skills, and get ready for a smooth transition.

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